Monday, March 1, 2010

Taylor Sites

Beginning of January I was just about to leave for Nashville, Tennessee for a photography convention called Imaging USA. My schedule was packed, my suitcases were strewn everywhere, and my studio looked like (in my opinion) a war zone. Random fact of the day: I have a really bad habit of traveling... not so light.

-cough- the above example is an image from when I went to model for a photography school called M.A.R.S ^^; How do you like the soccer mom mobile =X?

Anyway, so I was contacted last minute by this beautiful green eyed blonde. She was interested in being photographed to build her portfolio before she left Connecticut for college. I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to be able to do the shoot and have time to finish getting ready to leave, but I booked her in. I am glad I did! You couldn't tell at all that this girl was just started out, she rocked her poses and photographed beautifully! The makeup artist for this shoot was Rathana Sin of MRS Beauty, styling by the rental portion of Scarlet Fairy Designs ( at my studio. Below is a 6x9 album I put together of her! You can see the entire album in larger format here: