Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Makeup Test shoot with painter Jzino

I love to do test shoots with new Makeup artists and stylists from time to time - Call it a personal project. It keeps me fresh and coming up with new and creative art pieces. I get to pick a couple models and the artist gets to work their magic in some unique way that I might not always do for a client.

You might recognize Christine - I've posted her in the past. She's a sweet girl and fun to photograph!
Joanna of Jzino Face & Bodyart http://www.Jzino-Bodyart.com had been talking about doing a project with her for a while after I had originally photographed her. We finally collaborated on a Fairy Tale piece sometime last year.

I had picked up some flowers (well... a lot of flowers) at Michael's Arts and Craft store. (Bane of my existence!! I can't walk out of that store without spending hundreds of dollars.) I created a makeshift wreathe for her hair and brought in one of my birds (this bird project will commence this year!) 

This is what the final project turned out like!

So speaking of Projects, Joanna and I are at it again!
Makeup, Facepaint and Bodypaint!
If you are on ModelMayhem, Check it out =)

Also, we are currently looking for models (18+) to be body painted
in Pinup lingerie to do Gil Elvgren Reproductions pinup photos for a
 book publication! We are submitting to the second edition
I was part of the first edition and it was a lot of fun =)!
Some amazing photographers are lined up for this 
second edition! If you are interested in being
a model, send me an email or Learn more here:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catch up IUSA & Master's Degree award

I was going back through all the drafts I had started when I stopped posting back in November to start cleaning them out. I normally wouldn't post about something so far past, but I just felt this post was to important to skip over and delete! I know I had posted about it briefly on my facebook, but even that was short lived when I came home and had to catch up on a week worth of emails!

Print Competition of 2011 was a really important competition for me. I only needed four more merits to get my Master Photographer Degree from Professional Photographer's of America. Well, two of my prints merited and then went Loan giving me the four merits I needed. Those two images were also published in PPA's Loan Collection book.

Blue Butterfly

Cirque Du Lauren

Professional Photographers of America's Print comp 2012 is coming up and I am currently getting my prints together to submit for the new year! Dave is going to submit for the first time, too! Next stop - Craftsman Degree!

Here are a couple photos from the Awards and Degree ceremony where I received my Masters =)!

You can view the entire gallery here:
I am still adding to it as I get the photos off Dave and my cell phones =X

Friday, May 18, 2012

Make time for yourself

Being a photographer and business owner is not always the easiest career, but it is one of the most fun and rewarding choices I've made. I often get so overwhelmed with the every day things that I need to have done and don't take time out for me. One of the things that I frequently forget to do as a business owner is to take time to have fun with the people that I love. The best advice I can give to anyone making their own hours is to schedule in time for yourself! Treat yourself to something you love.

Dave's always reminding me I work too hard. We decided last minute to go out for dinner late one night at a local restaurant called the Cosmopolitan. I felt like I hadn't left my studio in forever! It felt so refreshing to go out just the two of us doing something that didn't involve being at home after work with netflix.

 As we were finishing up dinner, they started setting up speakers for a DJ to play music. I knew they did Karaoke at the place on other nights, but after the music was over I found out they also have a Salsa Dancing night where they teach everyone and then let them have fun. I didn't even know they did that around here!

Get out, Have fun... Go dancing =D!

We like to make goofy faces and weird hand gestures. Well, I do. I think it's rubbed off on Dave though.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dave's Art Show

Gosh, things just don't slow down, but I promise I am getting back to my blog once again!

 I've primarily been keeping my facebook up to date! You can view my photography updates on my page here: www.facebook.com/SerenaStarPhotography or you can subscribe to my personal facebook. I tend to repost things that interest me at www.facebook.com/serenastar.  My twitter feed auto posts there, but you can follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/serena_star

So! Once again, Dave's Art Show was this past Sunday! He finished his semester at the college on Thursday. Only one semester left to go (woot woot) then I finally get my full time graphic designer =D. (Freeing me up more time to blog.. ha! ...And start planning my wedding!)

Dave won Best of Photography at this art show for that bottom black and white image on the left side! Image Title: Mesmerized.   He was also on the front page of the show info =)

Since I don't think I posted photos from any of his last art shows, Here is one of my favorites!