Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scarlet Fairy in Blue!

We are working on so many great brand new outfits like the three you saw in my previous post for Scarlet Fairy! Right now, we have been working on some super cute blue toned outfits! In case you missed them, you can view that blog post by clicking here: http://serena-star.blogspot.com/2010/07/scarlet-fairy-designs.html

We create wardrobe for all shapes and sizes, many of these prototypes you see posted here are small because we are working on pieces for promotional work for models right now! If you see something you like here -- never hesitate to leave a comment and so we can whisk it away for you though =D!

Remember, these are just random sample pictures of pieces we are working on right now! (Hence the unfinished lace hanging everywhere and pins =X!) Sorry about the red mannequin! It sorta takes away from the blue =X Enjoy and let us know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lily DeVille from Colorado

Lily Deville is a pinup girl from Colorado! She flew out to PA and during her trip, she worked with both Dave and me at the Studio! (Bad news is Dave broke up with me after 4 1/2 years =( so I won't be posting any of his images, but you can check them out on his page!)  It was a sort of chaotic event -- We were supposed to receive outfits from one designer after another and finally, Scarlet Bliss mailed us a piece of latex to shoot in... but I got it in the mail the day after we shot =( 

You might remember Scarlet Bliss as the designer that loaned us this piece for my photoshoot with Pinup Model and Burlesque dancer, Maria Bella. You will be seeing much much more of Maria very soon after a few magazine publications come out, and hopefully I will be able to work with Scarlet Bliss again!

Onto Lily Deville! She is a sweetheart and although I shot with her for half the time I normally spend with models because I was trading off back and forth, we got some awesome stuff! Makeup and Hair by Me! Styling was a collaborative mix between what she brought with her and what I had =)!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Raising Rates

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give everyone another reminder that my rates will be going up beginning of September!

Everything is going up a little bit, including albums, calendars, prints, gallery wraps, etc! 

Session fees will now be as follows:
Quickie Session (1 look): $60 (instead of $40)
Mini Session (2 looks): $120 (instead of $80)
Half Day Session (3 looks): $150 (instead of $100)
Full Day Session (up to 6 looks): $200 (Instead of $140)

The mini session will probably be phased out as well sometime this coming year!

If you want to catch my rates before prices go up, send me a message before September 5th and with a $50 deposit, I will hold a date at current prices! I book up to 1-2 months in advance =)

In other good news, getting Summer cleaning done right now! hehe. Out with the old and in with the new. Bought tons of brand new props and set design pieces so get ready for some specialty sets!

I'll leave everyone off with a portrait to get the juices started for Halloween Pinups! Start thinking about them now if you want them in time for Halloween!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home, Daily Deviations, and Speaking at Imaging USA

Finally home after a relaxing (hot) vacation in Slippery Rock, PA at Coopers Lake Campground for the Medieval reenactment event called Pennsic! I made a post about it in previous years a couple posts back so you can read more there! I have some photos and will be getting more from a friend to post up from our trip very soon! (I sort of kept my camera packed away for this one =X!)

I was super excited to see that my profile and class description was finally put up on the Imaging USA website! http://www.Imagingusa.org  There are so many amazingly talented people speaking this year so definitely check it out! The final name for the program I will be a part of is "GenNEXT: Rising Stars Share Ideas & Inspiration." Here are some clips I copied off the website -- but take a look yourself!

I was also surprised to come home and find I received a Daily Deviation for another image of mine in DeviantArt.com! This is the fourth one I've gotten! I like to credit where it is due, so:

Christine Von Rose
Makeup/Hair/Styling: Serena Star

You can view the actual DD website by clicking here

Back to answering all the email I missed while I was gone!