Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thomas & Taylor: Forbidden Romance

This couple has to be one of the coolest couples I have ever photographed!

You might remember Taylor as the blonde bombshell from my old post here:

Well Taylor is now engaged and soon to be married to Thomas! These two are truly meant for each other. With each click of my shutter I could tell they were a perfect match... It was just in their eyes as they looked at each other. Something you might not know about Taylor is that she's a Fairy Tale major! How cool is that? So they contacted me about doing a shoot together reminiscent of the King Arthur movie. They did their research, and even brought their own wardrobe and props (which is a super rare treat for me as I normally provide everything!) We brought in makeup artist Rathana Sin of MRS Beauty and bodypainter Jzino Bodyart to do the grunge, dirt, fake blood, and celtic woad markings.

I had so much fun. Every time I put down my camera, these two would start goofing around and fighting again! I remember at one point, Taylor decided that Thomas wasn't dirty enough and stole the spray bottle from Joanna (Jzino) to apply more "battle wounds". They are such a beautiful couple. I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I did photographing it!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Pinups and Sable Sin Cyr Feature

Some of my work with Pinup Model, Burlesque Dancer and Clothing designer Sable Sin Cyr recently went up on the internet magazine, Flip Magazine! I've known the owner of the magazine for some time as I modeled for the company's book Pinup for the Troops -

I actually met Sable several years ago through him on a trip up to Massachusetts to shoot with TK Expressions, a fabulous and fun pinup photographer! Sable and I became instant friends and she was one of my model muses until she left for Wisconsin to continue her education in the field of costume design! Below I've posted a couple pinups that I did with TK Expressions (I can post more pinups from the trip if you all are interested ... Just let me know! It was one of my last pinup shoots before I semi-retired!)

Anyway, On to Sable Sin Cyr! This girl makes me wish I could put some of my belly dancing experience to good use. Her burlesque is tasteful and sexy... Just like her! I have always had a secret dream to perform on stage - but I don't think I ever will =X I have total respect for this girl!

Here are a few awesome examples of images in this article, but check out the issue for free here: (Please keep in mind that magazine is a Men's Glamour Magazine and I believe there may be some nudity! NSFW!)

You can view an entire album of her in the gray lingerie featured below at the link here:

You might also recognize her as the model in the Bachelor Pad magazine, Issue 8. You can view in my not-up-to-date tear sheets gallery here:

And you can still buy this issue and subscribe for many great other issues at:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Isa Voros - Little Fairy Girl

Isa, Isa - How do I describe Isa. Isa Voros is a stunningly beautiful semi-new model in the scene. For anyone looking for a model muse, this girl knows how to pose. She is a modeling power house! She was a pleasure to photograph and was tons of fun - she was even willing to try out my crazy fairy ideas! One of the first i've had in a long while. I did the makeup for this photo shoot. She brought her own wardrobe for the more fashion-style imagery and then I mixed in a little of my own from here at the studio for the boudoir and fairy tale images! For the Fairy set, I built the scene while Jzino Bodyart did the bodypaint on her chest and arms (You don't have to be naked to get body paint!) ! The wings she is wearing were hand created by a close friend of mine, Ivy Darling! 
Become a fan of Isa here:

I also wanted to throw this really sweet blurb she used to have on her ModelMayhem page about Joanna (Jzino) and me!

#14219 Serena Star (photographer) Wow, working with Serena was an awesome experience!  She has fantastic vision and is wildly creative.  I was definitely impressed by the whole experience and the results, even after having such high expectations already from seeing her portfolio.  Being a model herself, she was extremely helpful with posing. I consider myself VERY lucky to have worked with her and am dying to do it again! 

#661104 Serena Star (mua) You can tell that Serena has a LOT of experience in makeup!  She did a fantastic job, which is especially hard for me to find because I don't have a typical face. 

#598345 JZino (bodypainter)  Joanna was great to work with!  She is super talented and the paint looked awesome both in person and in pictures.  I liked it so much that I wore it out that night after the shoot