Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lydia and the Cover competition!

I'm really excited to say I signed up for a Cover competition using the new image I just finished of Lydia Lael! I had so many great images from our shoot. I've never submitted for their past competitions because I never knew what to send in! I got a few comments from friends saying it looked like a magazine cover, so I figured, why not?

Lydia created the neckpiece for her new design company called Vengeance Designs. I did the Makeup and hair for the image =)!  Check out the cover competition at

Feel free to browse the other images too! There are so many talented artists in this competition and votes are based on a 1-5 rating so you can vote on as many as you would like =)!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back and retouching =D

MARs was absolutely amazing! I had a great time, learned a lot, made some new friends, and got some awesome pictures while I was modeling for some of the classes! I am still waiting on candid images from my friends (I really need to buy a new point and shoot as a throw around camera), but here are some highlights! Remember I did not take these images!

And a couple of me with my boy <3  =)

I finally put together and mailed out my PPA print comp today! When it comes to my own projects I have a habit of putting them on the back burner so I can finish things for my clients early =X Print comp is due this Friday x_x;. I submitted an album for the first time ever!~  I'm so excited to post everything up here for you guys, but I'm going to have to wait until after Print judging! Wish me Luck!

I put together a composite of Celiciagrryl's album! As promised, here it is! You can view the entire thing larger on my FB here:

Lots of great new stuff coming up! 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gallery Show

Late again on posting! I will get better at this, I promise! To start off, I wanted to post some awesome images I took of Zui Suicide (although I think she dropped Suicide girls)! She has been featured in a ton of things, but the one she seems to be best known from (at least people that recognize her on my page) is her time on Paris Hiltons My new BFF.  This is probably one of my shortest shoots at my studio for how many different looks we did, ever! hehe. We had a minimal amount of time because she had two other photo shoots booked the same day!

I've been wanting to do more vintage style black and whites to add to my collection. We rocked out a whole group of images within minutes! This one was my favorite!

I remember in college I could never bring myself to do black and whites. I would click that little eyeball in photoshop on and off... and on and off... I wanted to do b&w .. I really did.. My heart just melted when I saw all those beautiful colors disappearing =X! I had one teacher in college that challenged me to do an assignment to look like 30s b + w film.... So glad he did!

I loved the little black dress she brought with her! ...and again with my love of blue eye makeup right now!

So the gallery show went off pretty well! 

The image below is a group shot of the artists with the Mayor presenting him with an Appreciation Award for everything he has done for the arts district! In order from left to right: Anthony Coffee, Brandon Abercrombie, Mayor Tim Shannon, Marcy Sweikert, Serena Star, Cindy Seenath, Barbra Alliano
And Juni with the Mayor =)! He set the whole event up and did a wonderful job. There were so many contributions to go to the silent auction. The proceeds went to Susan G. Komen for the Cure!

 I personally donated a Three look session, MRS Beauty donated three makeup looks, and Jzino Face paint and Bodyart donated a $50 gift certificate! I couldn't find a basket I liked so I decided to get artsy with the packaging =X Sorry for the terrible candid pic! The bidding started at $50 -- the package had a $400 value plus a coupon for 20% off an album! Marie Sweikart (the photographer next to me above) won it! Hopefully she will let me post images of our shoot! 

Anyway, here are some quick candid images of me standing at my little table!

And a Few candids Juni took =)

I will be off to MARs School to model and take photo classes this Sunday! I will be there till Friday and then Saturday a wedding with Ivy Darling of Wandering Bohemian Photography! Ivy and I are great friends and I should be posting some random crazy wedding candids soon. She will be at MARs for the first time this year so it should be a ton of fun. I will try and remember to grab my camera to take some candids-- I am so terrible at that! I need a new point and shoot =X