Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catching up

Time flies so darn fast when you are busy! It's like one day sort of rushes into the following. I finally linked my blog from my website, so it should be easier to find now! I have loads of images to post, but I will start with just a few for now! I will try not to run my post too long-- Any feedback on what my watchers would like to see or critique on the length of my posts would be appreciated!

I received my first Gallery Wrap! I bought a 30x40 and finally have it hung up in my studio!
I will get some better images of the studio hopefully soon, but until then, here is a candid with my photo shoot with Celiciagrryl. She was a ton of energy! I found myself laughing so much at all the cute and funny faces she would make. She was not afraid to try anything! She was a rockin' model and I will be posting her album here sometime soon!

The makeup artist is my favorite makeup girl, Rae Sin of MRS Beauty!

I've had a ton of bookings this past month! Most of the girls are a little shy and would rather their images not be posted online, but here are a few outgoing models and some beautiful images we shot!

I'm usually not a fan of girls with really short hair -- I usually love to be able to play and mold long flowing hair, but with DeSalle, I think I have been won over to the short hair side! I've been on a sort of ... blue streak with makeup. Most people say that they don't wear blue because it has a sort of "tranny" look. I such HMPH! I love the icy stare in this shot! I did the makeup for this shoot =)!

You can see her modeling portfolio here:

She mentioned how she doesn't look good in pink. I seem to have this uncanny thing where when some says that, I subconsciously throw them in that color. I don't think anyone really looks "bad" in a color. Maybe it's just that I love color in general. I didn't even realize it, I just grabbed this top out of my closet and was like "Oh! This will be cute!" -- and remembered later on what she said x_x;
I think I proved her wrong though =D
I'm thinking about making the image above into a new Canvas Gallery Wrap for my studio! I love all the textures, colors and patterns. What do you think ^_^?

I finally got to have my first photo shoot outside since last fall! The winter felt like forever... I used to love the cold and I have a lot of photos outside in the snow to prove it, but I think I'm likin' the warm in my old age (lol). This girl had a sort of Betty Page bang and she does a lot of dark work usually wears a lot of heavy makeup. I wanted to do something completely different. I tried some new cross processing techniques on this image -- I personally love it! I did the makeup and hair for this shoot as well!

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Lots more coming soon! And don't forget to come out to my gallery show on April 25th! There will be a silent auction and my makeup artists and I will be donating a free three look session! The proceeds will be going to Susan G. Komen for the cure to raise money for Breast Cancer research! Contact me on my FB page for more information on where to go!