Friday, November 16, 2012

Glamour Photography & Makeup Event w/Salon Fabrojae in Vineland, NJ

I wanted to share an event I did a couple months ago with Salon Fabrojae. First of all, I wanted to say that I love this place! The people that work there have been so wonderful to collaborate with and are very talented! 

One of my brides, Raina, ( post soon of her wedding images!) works their as well and does fantastic hair and makeup. (I'll also share a makeup test I did with her soon, too!). One of the owner's, Jaime, reached out to me after seeing the imagery I did for Raina's wedding and portfolio and we've been building a relationship since! 

Anyone that knows me knows that I am scared to death to get my hair cut. (I had the absolute worst haircut in my life my sophomore year of high school. It was nearly a mullet.) After meeting them, I decided it was time to go ahead and just do it. When I got there I was so nervous I was actually shaking, (a typical reaction when the thought of cutting my hair comes into play.) They were immediately there to make sure I was comfortable and tried to help me relax. Ashley was the stylist who cut my hair and she did a wonderful job, asking before taking any length that I might be uncomfortable with. 

Long story short, they have won my trust =D I'll post the haircut at the end of this post for anyone that's interested ^^;

So here's the photos from the event!

Salon Fabrojae Passion Flower Makeup Event
Location: Vineland, NJ (South Jersey)
 September 12, 2012 

Showcasing the beauty in all women! 

 Makeup by Salon Fabrojae: 
Makeup Products: Aveda Fall/Winter Line
Photography by Serena Star Photography:

Tired Photographers are Tired.
Dave and I at the end of the night!
(Dave looks sexy as always.)

My table which was set up during the event.

And the Haircut!