Friday, October 5, 2012

50s and Rockin' in

Meet Madeline - She's one of my favorite clients. For one, she's absolutely beautiful and two, her heart is made of gold. She's always keeping in touch, emailing me about the amazing places she travels to. 

She came in for a fun session for herself - a mix of Boudoir, Glamour and Fashion - at my studio in southern New Jersey. She brought the most amazing wardrobe with her (A Fashion photographer's dream!)  During the shoot, she insisted that my makeup artist do a mini shoot with some of her wardrobe (those shoes anyone?? The MUA felt so guilty, hehe). 

She later submitted my images and did some stuff on a talk show on TV. (I forget which show =x)

This album was awarded a blue ribbon from the Guild of Professional Photographers of Delaware Valley at the year end competition in 2011. I'd say it's about time I shared this amazing album!

Guess it just shows women get better with age ;) You don't have to be a 20 something to have absolutely stunning images taken!

View the Video here: