Monday, January 3, 2011

Maria Sulkin "The Incredible Sulk"

I hope everyone's New Year's day was amazing! My hope is to make this year an even better year than the last! I will start off the New Year with a post of a fun shoot I did "Last Year" hehe.

A while ago I get an email from a model about doing a full beauty shoot with fruit. I was intrigued by this concept because I had started something similar a few years ago while doing my flower series as it was another "nature" sort of inspired object. I didn't really do too many fruit so I was excited about the concept and jumped right on the job. I soon find out that Maria is the owner of a Blog called "Stuff your Pretty Face" -- a blog about her life as a competitive eater! Take a look, it is sort of amazing and she keeps an awesome figure, too!

You can view her Modeling page here:
MRS Beauty was the Makeup Artist for the shoot:

And here are some of the stunning images we took! It was such a fun filled, messy day!! Maria brought an entire bag of fruits to pick from (most of which never left the building!) We started with a Starfruit (starfish, hehe) with green makeup and a hint of yellow accenting. We then moved onto the Pineapple which was a full out yellow makeup look, and finished off the night with a lot of Red and a Pomegranate (Which I had never seen in real life until this shoot!) If you have never cut one of those, they are MESSY and dye anything they touch! We had to sit our cutting board in water forever to try and get the stain off it! It was tons of fun and the shots are amazing! Take a look!

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