Thursday, May 26, 2011

A very late Update for 2011

I know this post is long overdue, but I just never seem to find the time to really sit down and type up. So many things keep popping up and changing and who knows where to start! I also haven't wanted to bury my extremely giddy post about my engagement XD. Bad Serena x.x;;; hehe

Well I guess things would probably be best at the top!

After many many many days with the Lawyer and our Accountant and an even larger bill, Serena Star Photography is no longer Serena Star Photography! We have become Star Fairy Studios LLC with divisions of Serena Star Photography (Photography studio ran by Serena Star - me), Scarlet Fairy (Clothing Company co owned by my amazing seamstress mother and myself!), and Wishing Star Studios.

Within Serena Star Photography, you've probably seen lots of small changes across the board from website to products we now offer, and even more coming soon. The studio is still in a state of ever remodeling. Those of you who have been to the studio, we still lack a sign (which at this point is probably a smart thing with all the changes, hehe!)

We are now also focusing more on marketing to High School Seniors and Weddings which are tons of fun! We've been doing them for years, but we want to make sure everyone knows it! We are really focusing on building self esteem in women of all ages, all shapes, and walks of life!

After a ton of questions and a bit of coaxing, I am now putting together workshops to help teach and inspire photographers, and have been traveling a bit doing so! It has been a really great experience for me as I think I've learned as much as I've taught, and it's been great to network with people across the world!

In the realm of Scarlet Fairy, we have finally launched our facebook and etsy page where we are now selling our products! We have Pinup/Burlesque inspired Lingerie, Tiny top hats, Tribal Belly dance outfits already up!

We are working on a Boudoir Photography inspired line for those photographers out there who want to have in house wardrobe. They will consist of the decorated bras, waist cinchers, and tutus without underwear (that your clients will provide for sanitary reasons)!

You can become a fan of our Facebook page here: (Please do to keep up to date with all our crazy ideas!) We have Elizabethan/Tudor gowns, Marie Antoinette style dresses, and more on the way! We are also going to be making lolita/visual kei outfits, and Pinup inspired sundresses very soon! We've even moved into doing some steam punk inspired wardrobe! As things keep growing, make sure to keep track of our website at and our etsy shop at:

Wishing Star Studios is a dud name so far. Still not yet sure if I will be using it. I was going to split it into a more family oriented Brand than Serena Star Photography for my Seniors and Children! Photographers out there, Let me know what you think - Bad branding or a genius idea ;)? If genius - Where would you stick weddings? Under the very fashion and Boudoir oriented Serena Star brand or this one?

In other big news, my fiance, Dave, is slowly becoming more involved with helping in the business. He has about another year to go before he graduates college with a degree in Graphic Design. He is phenomenal and we will be working together to bring anyone interested in photography templates, borders, textures, brushes, and more to help you with your work flow =)!

I am extremely proud to say Dave received Blue Ribbons on two prints in his very first Guild of Professional Photographers of Delaware Valley print competition! (Spring 2011). I will post the images below =) One you will probably recognize as the ever popular corseted photo of me, and the second is Model Bad Charlotte in Scarlet Fairy attire/Tiny top hat; makeup and hair done by me! He has also received awards on his graphite drawings for his "Eye Series" at his college art show. You can view his college drawings including his eye series here:

He just discovered the wonderful world known as Wacom, so I expect to see some pretty bad ass stuff coming my way soon =D. (I really need to buy a new one, myself. Mine's been unusable since I switched to mac... which is a pretty long time =X)

Speaking of Guild, I am now the Print Competition Chair person for the organization! I completed my first print competition with this Spring Comp and I think it went fairly smooth. It's a bit of work, but rewarding after the competition is over to see what we accomplish =) I will also be speaking for them very soon on June 16, 2011 from 7-10pm! Go here: and check out the June Meeting!

I wanted to leave you off with the album I made highlighting all the best (and what I'm allowed to post online) of Serena Star Photography of 2010! Don't forget to full view, or view each page separately on my facebook fan page here:

So much more to come! I know I am definitely forgetting a ton of stuff since I've been meaning to write this since January and I kept putting it off! I will start trying to backtrack and play catchup. I didn't want to put any more into a single post, (I know how boring long posts can be to read) so check back often and keep your eyes peeled for lots of great photo shoots and all kinds of great things going on!

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