Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Makeup Test shoot with painter Jzino

I love to do test shoots with new Makeup artists and stylists from time to time - Call it a personal project. It keeps me fresh and coming up with new and creative art pieces. I get to pick a couple models and the artist gets to work their magic in some unique way that I might not always do for a client.

You might recognize Christine - I've posted her in the past. She's a sweet girl and fun to photograph!
Joanna of Jzino Face & Bodyart http://www.Jzino-Bodyart.com had been talking about doing a project with her for a while after I had originally photographed her. We finally collaborated on a Fairy Tale piece sometime last year.

I had picked up some flowers (well... a lot of flowers) at Michael's Arts and Craft store. (Bane of my existence!! I can't walk out of that store without spending hundreds of dollars.) I created a makeshift wreathe for her hair and brought in one of my birds (this bird project will commence this year!) 

This is what the final project turned out like!

So speaking of Projects, Joanna and I are at it again!
Makeup, Facepaint and Bodypaint!
If you are on ModelMayhem, Check it out =)

Also, we are currently looking for models (18+) to be body painted
in Pinup lingerie to do Gil Elvgren Reproductions pinup photos for a
 book publication! We are submitting to the second edition
I was part of the first edition and it was a lot of fun =)!
Some amazing photographers are lined up for this 
second edition! If you are interested in being
a model, send me an email or Learn more here:

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