Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home, Daily Deviations, and Speaking at Imaging USA

Finally home after a relaxing (hot) vacation in Slippery Rock, PA at Coopers Lake Campground for the Medieval reenactment event called Pennsic! I made a post about it in previous years a couple posts back so you can read more there! I have some photos and will be getting more from a friend to post up from our trip very soon! (I sort of kept my camera packed away for this one =X!)

I was super excited to see that my profile and class description was finally put up on the Imaging USA website!  There are so many amazingly talented people speaking this year so definitely check it out! The final name for the program I will be a part of is "GenNEXT: Rising Stars Share Ideas & Inspiration." Here are some clips I copied off the website -- but take a look yourself!

I was also surprised to come home and find I received a Daily Deviation for another image of mine in! This is the fourth one I've gotten! I like to credit where it is due, so:

Christine Von Rose
Makeup/Hair/Styling: Serena Star

You can view the actual DD website by clicking here

Back to answering all the email I missed while I was gone!

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