Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Pinups and Sable Sin Cyr Feature

Some of my work with Pinup Model, Burlesque Dancer and Clothing designer Sable Sin Cyr recently went up on the internet magazine, Flip Magazine! I've known the owner of the magazine for some time as I modeled for the company's book Pinup for the Troops -

I actually met Sable several years ago through him on a trip up to Massachusetts to shoot with TK Expressions, a fabulous and fun pinup photographer! Sable and I became instant friends and she was one of my model muses until she left for Wisconsin to continue her education in the field of costume design! Below I've posted a couple pinups that I did with TK Expressions (I can post more pinups from the trip if you all are interested ... Just let me know! It was one of my last pinup shoots before I semi-retired!)

Anyway, On to Sable Sin Cyr! This girl makes me wish I could put some of my belly dancing experience to good use. Her burlesque is tasteful and sexy... Just like her! I have always had a secret dream to perform on stage - but I don't think I ever will =X I have total respect for this girl!

Here are a few awesome examples of images in this article, but check out the issue for free here: (Please keep in mind that magazine is a Men's Glamour Magazine and I believe there may be some nudity! NSFW!)

You can view an entire album of her in the gray lingerie featured below at the link here:

You might also recognize her as the model in the Bachelor Pad magazine, Issue 8. You can view in my not-up-to-date tear sheets gallery here:

And you can still buy this issue and subscribe for many great other issues at:

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