Saturday, July 9, 2011

Isa Voros - Little Fairy Girl

Isa, Isa - How do I describe Isa. Isa Voros is a stunningly beautiful semi-new model in the scene. For anyone looking for a model muse, this girl knows how to pose. She is a modeling power house! She was a pleasure to photograph and was tons of fun - she was even willing to try out my crazy fairy ideas! One of the first i've had in a long while. I did the makeup for this photo shoot. She brought her own wardrobe for the more fashion-style imagery and then I mixed in a little of my own from here at the studio for the boudoir and fairy tale images! For the Fairy set, I built the scene while Jzino Bodyart did the bodypaint on her chest and arms (You don't have to be naked to get body paint!) ! The wings she is wearing were hand created by a close friend of mine, Ivy Darling! 
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I also wanted to throw this really sweet blurb she used to have on her ModelMayhem page about Joanna (Jzino) and me!

#14219 Serena Star (photographer) Wow, working with Serena was an awesome experience!  She has fantastic vision and is wildly creative.  I was definitely impressed by the whole experience and the results, even after having such high expectations already from seeing her portfolio.  Being a model herself, she was extremely helpful with posing. I consider myself VERY lucky to have worked with her and am dying to do it again! 

#661104 Serena Star (mua) You can tell that Serena has a LOT of experience in makeup!  She did a fantastic job, which is especially hard for me to find because I don't have a typical face. 

#598345 JZino (bodypainter)  Joanna was great to work with!  She is super talented and the paint looked awesome both in person and in pictures.  I liked it so much that I wore it out that night after the shoot 

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