Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jessica, The Artist

A while ago my cousin Jessica had come to me to have images done for herself. Previous to this I had done her prom photos, but this was a lot more fun and had a lot of sass and mystery =D! She drew one of the pieces and hung it in an art show which was pretty awesome!
Candid of Jessica pulled from her FB page
Serena Star photography is a place where your inner beauty rises to the surface. Serena star is a fantastic photographer who becomes extremely diligent with the project she is working on. She is hard-working, creative, and is truly a gifted artist.The photographs she took of me was amazing and completely breath taking. I could not believe that was me. It was beautiful, and inspired me to make a painting of it. It was able to be exhibited at Rowan University where everyone was utterly amazed by the photograph and painting as well. I not only was able to promote myself as an artist, but Serena Star photography as well. Thank you so very much
-Jessica Padilla

Below are a few more of the images we did together =)