Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some of My Wedding Inspiration!

So it's been a little over a year since Dave Proposed to me. We decided to discuss a date after Dave is finished college this year.... but that doesn't keep a busy girl from planning when she gets a few moments. I've been back and forth between my two favorite color combinations - a bold Red, White, and Black or dusty Blue, Pink, and cream. 

I think I just about died when I saw this dress... and then saw the price -.-
Photo taken from the Facebook post. I do not claim any copyright to the image.

Originally when I started looking for wedding dress inspirations, this was the dress I had saved so when I saw that one I was like O_O!!! My mom pointed it out in one of the pile of wedding magazine's she's bought me and I think I jumped out of my seat to find out how much it is >_>

I also love classic lace gowns - Sweetheart necklines with a mermaid silhouette.
When I first started looking at dresses, the Provonias Finisterre is the dress that caught my attention.

But I also seem to be falling for a ton of other Provonias gowns =X

^Click on it to enlarge.... check out the feathers!

Next when I got frustrated that the only local place I could find with a beautiful hedge garden is Longwood Gardens in Delaware (and they don't do weddings), I went googling and I found this beautiful little spot in Hawaii! (Although Hawaii destination weddings are wayyyy to commercialized for my taste =X)
Photo taken from the Facebook post. I do not claim any copyright to the image.

And of course Longwood Gardens... Isn't it sad they don't do weddings >_

And of course a couple details that I absolutely love!


Don't remember where I found these images x_x?

And of course more lace because I adore it.

But then again,
How freakin' beautiful is this collage?
Again, I don't remember where I found it >_<

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