Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scarlet Fairy Designs!

I know I haven't blogged about this yet, but I am co-owner of the clothing design company, Scarlet Fairy Designs. It started when I was drawing up designs and ideas for outfits that I wanted for photo shoots and my Mother would sew them for me. After a while we decided, why not make them for others?

Image above was Photographed by Ivy, Wandering Bohemian. Model is me =D!
Designs are by Scarlet Fairy!

Although I don't do much of the sewing, I create a lot of the designs and do all the marketing and promotional work for the business! My mother is the other half of the business. She is a creative designer and the main seamstress! We have several new outfits we are currently working on so I wanted to show you a few designs. These are unfinished and the final product may be completely different!

These two are definitely not together, but I will get another image when they are =X! 

You can view more information and images of our work at If you enjoy Scarlet Fairy, keep and eye on my blog as I will be posting updates, sales and specials, and teaser pic of outfits coming soon here!

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