Friday, June 25, 2010

Graduation Time!

Big congratulations to my (not so) little brother who finished High School yesterday! My family got together before we went out to have dinner. While we were there, the TV had the Phillies game playing and it started POURING! We knew graduation was supposed to take place outside so we were a little worried. It was a picture perfect day though! The rain passed through in like.. 10 minutes! Just as everything was getting ready to go, the sun came out and it was beautiful! I even saw dragonflies flying around =D! I'm super proud of my brother. He's extremely intelligent and amazing with computers and I'm really excited to see where he goes from here!

My parents got seats right up front...

These are some very proud parents =D

From Left: Dad, Me, Brother, Mom, Grandmom ^^;
The family! Thank you Dave for taking the picture!

...and me with my brother =)!

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