Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inspiration inside me

I wanted to make a post about some of the things that inspire me. This whole social networking thing sort of appeared as I grew up -- in a lot of ways I feel like I was much more open about my life in younger years. Becoming a model and a photographer that people look up to made me afraid of showing parts of who I really am -- afraid people won't understand the artistic "me" inside. I made my personal pages private  and made posts only about those things related to my work. It's hard for me to show the vulnerable side of my core essence. Even now I feel shaken as my fingers touch my keyboard.

I recently found a blog that really inspired me to want to show more about who I am and the people that I love and inspire my soul. I have seen Vicky and Jed of VGallery at Imaging USA, http://www.thevlog.net  but I never really went to their website or saw a lot of their work. I forget how I happened to stumble across their site in my surfing, but I am glad I did! The first thing that really stuck out to me was a video about social networking they posted, it is really amazing. If you have a business -- any kind of business, it is really motivational. The second thing was how real they were.

(double Click on the videos to bring up youtube if you can't view the right side.)

While mentioning people from Imaging USA that inspire the emotional part of my heart, I have to mention Jeff and Julia Woods. I saw them a couple years back now, I think, at Imaging USA. Their program rocked, but what inspired me the most was some of the things that Julia mentioned about making time for the people in your life that you love. It touched me.

During college, I pushed. I have this never ending drive to want to better myself as a person and an artist. The first thing that comes to my mind when I go into a photo shoot is, "Can I bring out and make this person shine as beautiful as they really are. Will I be able to bring out their soul?" As a solo business owner, there is always a never ending "To do" list. Often I wonder if it's because I am a young, female entrepreneur and feel I have to prove myself to the world, but after talking to other business owners I realized it's a feeling they all have. I always feel no matter how much I get done in a day, there is more that I should be doing -- that getting work done is more important than going out to dinner with your family -- or simply watching a movie and enjoying hot chocolate with your significant other.

 It's hard to make time for yourself. Those little things in your life mean more than you can ever know. To those photographers following my blog -- or anyone, really, Make sure you take time to let the people in your life know how much you love them. Don't just throw words at them before you go to bed at night. Really make sure you stand up and give them a big hug and let them know how much of a difference they have made in your life.

I photographed a wedding this weekend; It was a Fairy Tale, literally and figuratively. Sometimes it takes all I have to remind myself to keep my camera in hand and snap photos instead of joining in and clapping for the happy couple as they walk back down that aisle. At this wedding, I felt the tears swelling up in my eyes as the couple kissed. Without going into too much detail, this couple had so much against them and they pulled through everything to have the most beautiful happily ever after. 

Music is a big inspiration to me. In the past couple years a lot of the music videos haven't been very inspiring to me -- live videos of bands playing - violence. Things that never hit my core. I feel the same way about movies. Every day we see things - terrible things on the news.  I go to a movie to be entertained and laugh- feel that warm fuzzy feeling, or have a deep connection that really makes me think by the end. On the bright side, if you haven't seen Avatar, you have to go see it.  I feel those that gave it bad review just don't understand the spiritual aspect behind it. I grew up in a very spiritual, open minded home -- to me this movie is a masterpiece.

 Recently i've seen some amazing music videos that I haven't really seen since Madonna-- Videos that are visually enticing such as Lady Gaga's or Christina Aguilera. (Mind you I don't always agree with all of their fame tactics.) It is amazing to see Alternative fashions such as corsetry and latex in mainstream music. When I was a teenager, I was enticed by the creativity and sensual energy behind such wardrobe - and although I was ridiculed and harassed as being "weird" it inspired the style of work I do today. I look back on those days today and smile. 

Many don't know this about me, but I took Four years of acting in an Academy during High school. I actually had two diploma's coming out of High School. I took vocal classes, learned stage and wardrobe design -- makeup -- everything inspired my work. When I see some of the artistic music videos recently, they are so beautiful. I feel my heart almost quiver when I see such amazing art. My lips press together and I cease to breath for a moment before my lungs start to burn and a gasp for air. 

I had stopped watching music videos because of how uninspiring a lot of them have been. My brother showed me this a little while back and ever since i've been hungrily looking for more.

Sorry about how long and for posting so many videos into one blog, but I have all these words jumbled up that are screaming through my fingertips. I'm a big fan of Flyleaf's music. I love female singers to begin with, but I just love the way she moves in videos. 
And last but definitely not least, how can I end a post about inspiration without at least mentioning Alice in Wonderland. I read that book over and over growing up. I've quoted it during important times in my life. It's so out of this world - I could make a whole post on it. I will leave that for a later time though =) 

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