Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Tiffany contacted me a while ago about getting into modeling. She wasn't sure if she could because of her height. (She's the same height as me!).  We decided to aim at more of a Commercial/Promotional model type of photo shoot. She drove out to my studio in Southern Jersey. We started off simple with the white dress to show off her figure. She has a really great smile! Miss Rae Sin (MRS Beauty) did the makeup for this photo shoot. She provided her wardrobe and I helped tweak the hair styling for the pinup look!

I love doing these old Hollywood Noir style images!

Something a little sexier!

We finished off with a look I haven't done in a long time! 
A new image continuing my colorful flower series =)!
I really miss doing these.. hmmm.. Do I see a sale in the future ;)?

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