Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Who doesn't love Candyland, seriously? I mean, the old board -- the one where the princess and queen were beautiful pieces of art vs these cutsy things on the board right now. I think it was made sometime in the 80s but I could be wrong. I've never been a board game sort of person -- I am way to competitive, but the board alone on this game inspired me to want to play it. I've always wanted to do something candyland/uno/twister inspired. I am very inspired by my childhood. I think people forget that part of themselves when they get older -- The problems of the world sort of take over -- I know even I can be guilty of it at times! Finding that little piece of immaturity inside myself motivates me! I love the colors and childhood gaming aspects -- the games you would play rhyming and clapping your hands at summer school -- or making chalk games in the pavement.... all of those silly things are things we forget.

I feel like this video is someplace straight out of my head. I absolutely love it!!!! Apparently there is also some talk about there being a Candyland Movie in the process of being made.... Super excited!

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  1. That video was hardcore inspirational!!! Can we shoot tomorrow!?!?!? lol