Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy (un)Birthday to me =D!

On September 13th I turned 22! =D (ugh! hehe) Part of my family live in the Atlantic City area so we waited and celebrated on Wednesday the 15th. We never do big parties, just the immediate family, my friend Joanna, and Dave. I'm just finally getting around to uploading the pictures. I didn't really take many photos and my family still have no idea how to use my camera properly, so there are only a few photos that really came out. I'll leave my family out of the mix because I am sure they don't want to be in the blog =X!

Ice cream cake!!!!!! Every cake is ice cream cake!
(My wedding cake will eventually just have to be ice cream)

I blew them all out all in one go! =D I probably should have thought about the fact I might want to post the pictures online before I decided to get a shower right before my "celebration." Bah to wet plastered hair!

See =D!

After the candle blowing we did our traditional singing 
of the Birthday Dirge (Yes we sing the normal version, too! =X)

(Thank you to my medieval, SCAdian upbringing. Imagine a room full of drunken people singing this, banging their drinking mugs/horns against the tables at the "thud" part during feasts. Very fun experience =D )

As by Tradition, I get a spoon and get the middle of my cake first... Then I get to grab the biggest knife I can find and cut everyone else pieces. =X Please ignore the messy kitchen x_x;

And then later that night I took a few photos of me and Dave =D You know how hard it is to hold a camera and speed light with one arm far enough that it will focus o_o? I really need a point and shoot!

I got an entire set of Alice in wonderland mugs as one of my gifts from my family =D The necklace I am wearing is another from Dave. It is amber with a hand carved unicorn in it and hand wrapped by the designer =D! My brother gave me another Spyro game for my game boy advanced (Oh boy, here's to more falling off the side of the world! hehe) Overall nice day =)

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  1. So glad your B-day was special...Luvin' the pics and U!!