Friday, September 24, 2010

Guild Print Competition!

As I've mentioned many times before, I really love print competition. It gives me a chance to grow as a photographer and an artist. I can see how my work is being judged, what I could do better, and how I am evolving as an artist. For the Fall Print competition at GPPDV (Guild of Professional Photographers of Delaware Valley -- which includes a lot of the northern east), I was awarded Four out of four blue ribbons and Best of in the Category for Women!

Model: Jessamyn
Makeup: Darya
Wardrobe: Scarlet Fairy
Hair: Me
Set Design: Me
Assistant: David Star
**Awarded Best of Woman Category**

Blue Butterfly
Model: Amy Schmoldt
Makeup Artist: MRS Beauty
Hair: Me

Cirque Du Lauren
Model/Styling: Lauren WK
Makeup: Me

Sunny Days
Model: Tara Mariea
Makeup Artist: Me

Since I don't think I ever posted about the spring competition, I submitted the same images as I did for PPA(Professional Photographers of America) print competition 
You can view those at the link above, minus the album. Instead of the entire album I submitted one of the images in it!

"Longing" was awarded a Blue Ribbon, "Behind a Dream Like Mind" and "Curtains Please!" scored Red Ribbons (I believe that's what they are called,) they were both 2 points away from Blue Ribbons! 
(You can view them all from the link above!) The image that I submitted instead of the album also Blue Ribboned:
Model: Christine Von Rose
Makeup Artist: Me

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