Sunday, September 19, 2010

1st Publication in Professional Photographer!

My first publication in Professional Photographer magazine! Super excited! This is an advertisement for the "genNext: Rising Stars Share Ideas & Inspiration" program at Imaging USA that I will be speaking at! Imaging USA is Professional Photographer's of America's National Convention, I've mentioned it bunches in previous posts, so I will let you go find it, hehe!

 The actual ad =D If you are a professional photographer 
following my blog, check out this program!!!!!

And the image on the top left a little bigger (the rest aren't mine =X) 
Model is Morphine

And I stumbled upon a photo of Dave getting his portfolio critiqued at the last Imaging USA towards the back of the magazine. I did not take this photo, but Dave and I are in it! hehe

Closeup of the image =D

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and I will remove them immediately=)!

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