Friday, October 8, 2010

New Modeling pics and Gwen Stefani

I received another new photo today from back when I modeled for M.A.R.s School! I immediately posted it on facebook and one of my friends commented, "gwen stefani was caught in 'spiderwebs' too; eh eh? lol back when she was in no doubt at least.." It made me remember some fun times growing up..... (thanks Steve)

Model/MUA: Me
Photography: Donna Andrews

One year when I was a teenager, I briefly worked at Hot Topic for a seasonal job. They never really let me do anything except for stand up front and greet people as they walked in. I guess my massive collection of Corsets and lolita outfits intrigued people to enter the store.

I remember one day this kid started following me around. I finally got tired of it and confronted him -- he stared at me and stuttered as he simply said, "You look like a Red-Headed Gwen Stefani." Now I personally don't really see the comparison, but throughout my modeling career, I have heard that quite a bit. Either way,  I'm a huge fan of No Doubt -- "I'm Just a Girl" is probably one of my favorite songs of all time -- I used to practice vocals to "Tragic Kingdom" back when I was singing. (Another random fact for today - I was Classically trained.) I probably couldn't hold a note very well now though!

First of all, I want to remind you guys of my absolute love of Alice in Wonderland. (I love Alice in Wonderland way too much.)

I sort of feel like this all the time. If you want something, sometimes you've just got to go out and take what you want. You can't wait around and expect everything to be handed to you! I've learned you have to be yourself, work hard, and put your heart and soul into everything you do -- only then will you stand strong where you want to be.

While i'm at it, here is "I'm Just a Girl." I sang this song at a coffee house when I was in High School =D Check out the imagery difference between the video above and the two videos below.... big difference! -- The lighting, Lens choices, styling,... everything!  While I adore No Doubt's music, Gwen's new music videos are very story telling in my opinion!

And of course Spider Webs, which started this whole post to begin with! =X

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