Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sneak Peak at the new Scarlet Fairy!

So I know everyone has been patiently waiting for the official launch of Scarlet Fairy Designs! We are predicting January to be when our pieces (the new and the old prototypes) will be for sale on Etsy. Although my partner wants to keep you hanging(meanie, hehe!), I wanted to give you a sneak peak to wet your taste buds. So here are some pictures I snuck in of some of the Decorated Lingerie, Pinup and Burlesque line we are currently working on. Some of these are finished, other's haven't even been cut yet! Get ready ladies, the new outfits are amazing! If you love Scarlet Fairy, keep watching because I am hoping to get a sneak preview of some of the amazing dresses we are working on as well.

Click on the thumbnails to see them larger!

Christmas =D

And a few Goddess sized for the curvy women. More to come =D

You can view more of our outfits that will be sold in previous posts =D!

Scarlet Fairy is also listed under the Pinup Directory!!
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  1. Your Mom is so talented!!! I LOVE THESE!! Congrats to Scarlet Fairy!!!