Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GPPDV Meeting

Yesterday was an awesome meeting at the Guild of Professional Photographers of Delaware Valley http://www.gppdv.com. I find networking to be extremely important. It's always wonderful to meet the faces of people who I have met online via social networking in person!

Jerry Ghionis was the featured speaker of this meeting http://www.jerryghionis.com/! If you are a Photographer and you get the chance, I would highly recommend attending one of his workshops or seminars! He is an extremely creative artist, phenomenal speaker, great at marketing (and has the experience to back it up), and has a great and fun personality! He really tells stories and keeps you laughing through out his program while either giving you constant information or inspiring your senses. I had the pleasure of having dinner afterwards with Jerry and his fiancee Melissa with a group of photographers from Guild and I can honestly say they are both genuinly really nice people.

It was great to meet new faces and to see old ones again. I found out that two of my friends and fellow photographers, Ken and Angela, are getting married in Rome very soon! On top of that, Jerry will be photographing their wedding! A few of my old fans might remember Ken as Transposure, the photographer that photographed the fine art black and white of me floating in rope a couple years back http://www.transposure.com. Angela is also a model and a great seamstress and is having one of her Katy Perry costumes featured on Access Hollywood this Friday! http://www.etsy.com/shop/Glamtastik

I also got my trophy for "Best of Woman" =D Of course I was to impatient to wait to take a proper photo if it. Had to blog it =X Now I just have to figure out where I want to display it! I really should buy a display case at the rate i'm going T_T;

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