Wednesday, July 14, 2010


As promised, I have pictures of the painting commencing! This is our second hallway! We decided not to put the light greenish faux texture on it (with this pretty light brown for in the corners to vignette the wall) ... mostly by default because Dave didn't feel like doing it. (I painted most of the rest of the wall and I'm terrible and faux finishes =X). What do you think? Should we have put the greenish on the wall?  I'm excited to get pictures hanging!

These pants have been through every house i've ever painted since forever.
They are Epic.

and of course our mess =X

Here is a terrible photo of the first hallway we painted! The lighting fixtures still aren't hanging and we still need to finish staining the doors  =X! You can't really see the faux finish, so I will get a better picture of this hallway soon!

Here is a picture of Maddie modeling in my hallway! This woman is so amazing and sweet that I will be doing an entire post about our photo shoot soon very soon!  Here is a teaser photo (and a photo of the hall!)

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  1. I love that you take time to find a person and capture them!!