Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yay for Props and Pretty things!

This past weekend I photographed yet another wedding with Ivy.  Been busy! Wait until you see the images we took of them in the tower at their reception hall!She's been busy getting ready to move again so we spent the afternoon hanging out after this last wedding. She gave and loaned me a ton of very cool pieces of wardrobe and props to play with that will fit into what I will be playing with in the near future! (Of course Destiny has to lay on top of all the new things.)

She also loaned me a beauty dish to use -- (I'm in heaven now, Beauty dish AND octabox =X!) Again, sorry about the terrible pictures. I just grabbed a few snap shots since everything is torn apart!

Dave also finally got his Wescott Spider lights. I've had a chance to play with them once so far when the model Lily Deville was at my studio. She flew in from Colorado! =) I will be posting those images as well soon! What do you do with all your gear when all your soft boxes are almost as big as you? 

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