Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sometimes you just have to listen to the Universe

You know how sometimes the universe keeps giving you signs about something and you keep ignoring them and then one day they sort of just slap you in the face?

Well this happened to me.

My photography is a form of art for me -- a way to express myself and the people who I work with. For a little while I was feeling in a little bit of a circle, doing the same sort of pieces over and over again, different person. I decided to go back to my roots for my own projects and start doing some of my flower series again (I absolutely love flowers). I started getting a lot of feedback, and the universe said, "yes, yes.. good.. You are on the right track." So I spent another month playing with my flowers, but the universe realized I still wasn't getting what it was trying to tell me - so of course chaos began to brew. Well, as Pennsic drew nearer a light bulb in my head went off! I really miss my fantasy artwork! So I  decided to start pulling out all my old imagery and props to do some faerie-esque style of work. Without doing anything, I receive a completely random message from a girl saying how much she adores my Fairy tale work. This, mind you, is a comment I have not gotten at all in recent years as I have mostly done fashion, beauty, pinup, and boudoir style work... Thus the universe was happy.

So I was randomly going over the "should I photograph kids" conversation with my mother again. I get inquiries of this type quite often and enjoy doing them when I do, but have never felt I can get as artistic as I feel I could be. I had an epiphany after all this and my brain went DING DING! I can build my fantasy sets just as I do for women and photograph children in them! Next thing I know, I am getting things out of the back of my car and here I find a photography book, "How to Photograph Children." Sometimes I think the universe enjoys messing with me... 

So the moral of this story is, if you are pregnant or have children you have been wanting to have photographed, now is the time! Check back real soon for lots of fun new sets and things in the near future (After I get back from Vacation that is =X!) And for the women watching the blog -- if you've ever wanted to be a fairy - get ready =D!

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  1. I do I do, I wanna be a faerie!! :)