Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation time in Pennsylvania! =D!

Busy Busy Busy =D!

My favorite ALL TIME Vacation is coming up in just a few weeks! Every year since I was born except two (when I was two years old and during my parents divorce), I have gone to an event called Pennsic in Slippery Rock, PA. We drive a 7-8 hour drive from South Jersey to the other side of PA with a car packed so full we can't even see behind us!

I will be gone from August 2nd to the 16th with extremely Limited internet!

This blurb is taken from http://www.PennsicWar.org under FAQs

"Pennsic is an annual event, in the guise of a "War", between the Kingdoms of the East and the Middle of the Society for Creative Anachronism Pennsic is also the largest Society event, with attendance in recent years exceeding 10,000. The scheduled activities include large melee battles, tournaments, archery, stage performances, dancing, and hundreds of classes on medieval topics. The marketplace has over 200 merchants selling a variety of wares." 

Imagine about a 2 mile around packed with that many people camping in tents! I've personally taken classes on everything from Bellydancing to playing instruments to massage =D...but there are classes on everything from Welding to History! There are also amazing parties every night. It's fun to follow the drumming from camp to camp -- or see fire dancers spin flames, bellydancers or sword dancers perform ... and bards telling stories around camp fires. It's a magical place that makes me happy =D

I've been so busy I haven't even had a chance to check my garb and make sure I don't have things I need to repair =X!! (Dave has a habit of ripping his pants in places I really need to repair before we go -_-;;;;) hehe. These are a few pictures from last year of me and my friends, family, and boyfriend. You can view the entire album here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=501818293&aid=136664&s=0&hash=a49d20a6a10fcadc600a7d3675538e1a 

and you can also go to www.Pennsic.net for more information.

That being said, the house and studio are torn apart! It's like a war zone here right now, hehe. We finally got the hallway in the other side of the house painted (yay no more white walls. For some reason they remind of my hospitals.) They are a sort of vintage green color. When I first painted it, I really disliked it because it wasn't green and it wasn't blue and I really wasn't sure what to do with it. We went back to the paint store and bought a light LIGHT green paint to texture the wall. When I came home I saw an aztec or tiki sort of mask in the bathroom that we had brought home from my grandmothers house -- all of a sudden it hit me! Light wooden framed images with the tiki mask on the wall and the hallway would have a very tiki vintage look! Too bad I already bought all the extra paint.... Will post tour images here in the blog soon ^_^

In other news, my good friend Gino gave me a really cool Octabox when I came to visit him! I need to get a new speed ring for it, but as soon as I do I am super excited to get to do some beauty work with it!! Here is a really quick terrible picture of it =X

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